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Kristine Gedroic, MD, FAAFP, DABMA
Welcome to The Gedroic Center for Integrative Medicine

Latest News From Our Practice

-  Dr. Gedroic’s letter to Patients, The Gedroic Center for Integrative Medicine is in full swing!


-  Our practice continues to grow and now includes:

*  DIETITIAN, Robin Foroutan

*  NURSE, Theresa Dimaio
*  NURSE, Laura Lamont
*  NURSE, Traci Manettas
*  ACUPUNCTURIST, SueAnn Garwood
*  OFFICE MANAGER, Tamella Hassell
*  RECEPTIONIST,  Meaghan Kielley
*  RECEPTIONIST: Brandi Nelson
*  RECEPTIONIST, Stacey Nieves


-  We are currently open for our regular office hours from Monday through Thursday from 8:00am-5:00pm.

-  Walk Ins for blood work are from 7am-9am on Monday through Thursday.  

-  Please call for appointments or stop in for supplement refills you need during our regular office hours.   

- Our practice location is at 465 South Street in Morristown.


-   Click to read or listen to Dr. Gedroic’s Monthly Health Updates archive from her monthly radio show with many topics covered including Lyme’s Disease and other conditions.

-  Dr. Gedroic will speak at a seminar in June entitled, “Treating Tick Borne Disease Using Integrative Therapies.”  For more info, click here.  


Located in Morristown, NJ, we offer specialized integrative medical services for patients of all ages.


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At The Gedroic Center for Integrative Medicine, we spend generous amounts of time getting to know each patient as an individual.  In turn, our patients receive customized treatment plans that reflect their particular needs and preferences.


We welcome new patients of all ages.  We will spend extra time during our first visit to ensure a comprehensive evaluation of your condition and well-being.  Your first visit will include a consultation with Dr. Gedroic and a nutritional session with our dietician, Robin  Foroutan.


We have a diverse and skilled group of  healthcare providers within our practice. Although as a patient you may be referred to
these providers to facilitate your care, you may also request their service independently.  







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